Jez Halford

Helping software teams to be more effective

Building great software is hard. I want to make it easier.

Projects fail, customers complain, and developers get annoyed. But it doesn't have to be this way.
I'm a software development consultant working across agile and DevOps to help teams and individuals to deliver software as effectively as possible. The right blend of process, tools and approach can dramatically alter your chances of success.
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Agile • DevOps • Automation

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How I Can Help


I can offer initial advice on improving your software delivery for free, over the phone or Skype. We’ll chat through the best options for you, and work out a way forward.


We'll work together to understand how your team are working and where the pain points are. Using a range of metrics and measures, we'll pinpoint the problems that slow you down.


Through development work to solve technical issues, or via coaching to get team members delivering at their best, I'll focus on improving performance to deliver tangible business value.


Ongoing coaching, advice and support to make sure your team delivers at lightning speed. This might be a regular session with key team members, or simply whenever you feel you need it.

What People Say

Jez possesses the right level of collaborative skills combined with a deep understanding of Agile/Kanban techniques that we required to scale up our development teams. Jez’s energy, dedication and diligent mentoring at an individual and team level, provided education and insight, resulting in an extremely high performing team. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jez – he is able to quickly deliver value to any organisation he joins.

— Richard Cooper, Programme Manager, The Exchange Lab

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You can call +44(0)7906 927 327, email or find me on the networks below.