FREE Software Team Health Check

Are your software team as productive as they could be? Do they have the tools, skills and space to deliver as effectively as possible? 

In the right conditions, good developers can thrive and grow into great developers. But understanding. creating and maintaining the right kind of environment can be difficult. Do you developers feel able to raise concerns? Are they comfortable with the tools they're given, and are they delivering regularly?

If you're not sure, then a team health check can be a great way to gain insights into how your team is performing, and what areas might need improvement. The check-up covers technical issues like your code delivery pipeline, tooling and infrastructure, as well as key soft skills, team culture and agile approaches.

I'll visit your office, speak to you and your team through the course of one day, and build up a picture of the way you develop software. Then I'll provide a full report of performance, and make suggestions for ways you can improve your delivery.

Understand how your team is performing

A free* team health check from Jez Halford, a software consultant and certified agile practioner with experience managing teams of all sizes, can provide insight, assurance and data on the state of your software team, as well as concrete steps you can take to improve your software delivery.

Complete the form below and I'll be in touch to discuss your free team health check.

*Free team health check is available for a limited time only, once per business or organisation. Subject to a mutually convenient date to conduct an on-site team assesment. Right of refusal reserved. UK only.

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